Teaching authors to successfully launch their books and their self-publishing careers.

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What sets my coaching program apart from the rest? Two things: my experience and my approach. I combine my decade-plus background working on BOTH sides of publishing with my 22-year career in the corporate world, and I use these experiences and my own journey as an author to teach my fellow authors to approach their dream writing career as they would ANY other small business startup.

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Since January 2020, I have directly helped over 300 authors to start, perfectly develop, and finish their manuscripts (sometimes after YEARS of being stuck), build their author brand, create their pre and post launch marketing strategies, and launch their books and their careers as published authors.

And now, it’s your turn! I’ll use my unique experience, historied background, and finely-tuned skills to help you on every step of your journey to becoming a career author!

My in-demand author coaching style is different from what you may find anywhere else. I have the experience in publishing and teaching the craft of novel writing, but I’m also an award-winning novelist. This means I not only have the skills required of any author coach but the personal experience that helps me better understand you and your struggles than anyone. And because of that, I will not only guide you on this journey toward author success, I’ll be with you every step of the way!

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My career helping my fellow writers began with manuscript editing. In the past decade plus, I’ve edited for hundreds of indie authors, and I’ve worked as an editor for literary agencies and publishing houses big and small. With the continued growth of BBA, I now manage a team of Elite Editors, all of whom have more experience than me. We take editing to the next level and our goal is to help you improve your writing technique and storytelling for this book and beyond!

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As a creator, I’m always thinking of unique, helpful resources for authors that are packed with value, easy to access and affordable. From online courses to workbooks to templates and planners for authors, I try to add at least one new digital resource to my database each week. We’re at thirty plus and counting so far, and most of these super helpful and very popular digital resources can be found (for now) in my Etsy Shop, but you can learn about it all here.

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Here’s what just a few of my one-on-one clients have to say about working with me and my unique and effective approach to author coaching and editing!

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Let’s sit down for 30 minutes and talk about what’s holding you back and preventing you from fulfilling your publishing dream! If we’re a good match, we’ll then discuss the details of my coaching program. If not, I’ll still make sure you walk away with at least ONE piece of actionable advice to get you unstuck now!

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Send me your first 5 pages, and I’ll personally and thoroughly edit each line and use bubble comments to show you why I made the edits and how to catch and improve moving forward. I’ll also provide a 2-5 page separate memo with feedback on content, development, and structure (and everything in between)! If we’re a good fit, I’ll also send an exact quote and Proposal!

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Once or twice a month, I write an in-depth and extensive blog post on one of the many struggles you and your fellow authors face every day from writing craft to storytelling to publishing and marketing and every other step on your journey to author success!