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Let me be your guide through the entire self-publishing process, and start your author career faster and more successfully than you thought possible!

What exactly is an author Coach?

If your dream was to become a professional dancer, even if you were born gifted with a sense of rhythm and love for music, you could never simply audition to be Beyonce’s backup dancer and expect overnight success!

Instead, if you truly wanted to be successful, you’d first and foremost hire a skilled, trained dancer to be your coach. That coach would share with you their many years of experience and everything THEY have spent years…sometimes decades practicing becoming one of the best.

Over the course of your training with this coach, you’d start by learning the basic steps. Though it initially may seem overly simplistic, you’d have to master those early stages first, then, your coach would teach you the more complex steps and so on.

Eventually, with their guidance and support, you’d not only be prepared for any auditions you found, but you’d also have more confidence in your abilities and would know in your heart that, win, lose, or draw, you did EVERYTHING right and gave it your very best effort. But most likely, you’d land your dream gig sooner than later.

Starting a career as a successful author is no different.

So, rather than continuously banging your head against the proverbial wall, let me be your coach, your guide, your Jiminy Cricket, and I GUARANTEE you better results than would ever be possible going it solo!

How can you help me?

Each author’s journey is different, and so are each of my client’s programs. I will design a coaching plan specifically for you that will help you achieve YOUR best possible results, usually in as little as 3-4 months!


But among the many things I’m qualified to teach you and will include in your coaching plan are the following:

  • Teach you the Book Boss Method of planning, preparing, and developing your best possible manuscript, including your characters, world/setting, and plot!
  • Identify the exact type of reader who is hungry for books just like yours, find them, and speak to them!
  • Guide you through creating a unique and effective Author brand, including your identifiable “aesthetic” so readers can find and know you instantly!
  • Help you create your early book marketing campaign, including your website, email/newsletter, social media & video content, self-publicity, and advertising!
  • Plan your successful book launch and every step leading up to it (cover reveal, pub announcement, and more)!
  • Walk you through launch day and uploading your book to KDP, as well as setting up details such as your keywords and categories!

But that’s just a quick summary. I also offer tons of bonuses and other helpful ways of guiding you to your path toward a full-time career writing books, including legacy discounts for future services, referral incentives, and more

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The very BEST thing a coach can do for an author is to inspire them...and Christina Kaye absolutely inspires!"
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