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Book Boss Manuscript Editing Services

Below is a listing of the different types of editing and what each consists of for those who may be unfamiliar with them. Below that, you’ll find a listing of my currently offered packages and a link to submit your first 5 pages to receive a FREE sample edit done by me personally. If after reviewing your pages I feel I can help you and that we’re a good match, I’ll send you a Proposal which will include an exact quote (standard rates are listed on this page) with any applicable discounts/coupons, as well as available installment plan options and estimated turnaround time! You can usually expect your response from me within 24 hours after submitting your pages!

Line (Copy) Editing

We’ll examine your manuscript, line by line and word for word, and we’ll provide you with highly detailed suggestions on ways you can revise the dialogue and narrative of your manuscript in a way that makes it beautiful and easy to read. Specifically, we will look for issues related to: spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, word choice, sentence structure, showing versus telling, readability, and much, much more! 

Standard/Starting Rate: $0.02/word

Content (Developmental) Editing

We’ll scour through your entire manuscript, front to back, and using our own unique (top-secret) methods, we’ll provide you with highly detailed suggestions on ways you can revise your manuscript for the best reader experience possible. Specifically, we will look for issues related to: character development, story structure, plot, subplots, timeline, cohesivity, theme, voice, opening and ending scenes, character perspective, and much, much more! 

Standard/Starting Rate: $0.03/word


Once your manuscript has been through a complete line and content edit, and you’ve made the appropriate revisions on your end, we’ll complete a thorough proofread of your book. During this final step, we’ll look for any missed or new typos, misspellings, formatting issues, punctuation errors, or any “stragglers” so you can publish your book with confidence and pride. 

Standard/Starting Rate: $0.01/word

"What types of books do you accept?"

One of the benefits of having a team of elite editors is that we can accept all genres of fiction, memoirs, and even some nonfiction books. There really aren’t any fiction genres or categories we can’t edit. We do have a minimum fee of $500 for smaller projects, such as picture book editing, etc., and we don’t currently edit poetry books. However, anything else, we’re completely open to evaluating!

There is only one strict, unwavering line that we draw, however: WE DO NOT ACCEPT any manuscripts which feature any of the following:

Any stories that feature dubious consent, incest, rape, any form of sexual abuse, abuse of minors (in any form), or abuse of animals.

If you are unsure whether your manuscript falls in our “will not edit” category, it’s always best to ask first. We can often work around certain issues, but please do tell us this upfront so we aren’t caught off-guard!

Finally, please note: if you’re not ready, willing, and able to begin editing immediately, it would be best for you to wait until your manuscript is complete (or pages from being complete) before requesting your FREE sample edit. 

Are your ready to become our next Book Boss Academy success story? Let us help you take your manuscript to the next level with our professional editing services.