Teaching authors to successfully launch their books and their self-publishing careers.


I want to help you!

Are you an author dreaming of a successful writing career?

Hey, there! I’m Christina Kaye, and unlike most “author coaches,” I help people who dream of writing careers realize their dreams and achieve their goals of becoming successful indie authors! To date, I’ve helped over 100 authors worldwide!

My mission and what I want for you can be summed up in my motto, which is:

Stop waiting for someone to grant you entry to your dream of being a successful author. Instead, kick in the door, do it your damn self, and be your own BOOK BOSS!

I chose the name Book Boss Academy for my business because I want to teach you how to treat self-publishing like the small business it is and how to be the boss of your self-publishing career. 

If you are tired of wasting countless hours scouring the internet for the steps you should be taking toward self-publishing success, your head is getting sore from banging it against the wall out of frustration over your attempts at DIY-ing self-publishing, or you want to start your journey off on the right foot rather than go through the heartache of “cricket launches,” let’s chat. 

You have nothing at all to lose by booking your Author Career Breakthrough Session now, so why wait? Your dream career is calling for you now!

Then, stop trying to fly solo, and instead, let me show you how to start and grow your sustainable, profitable, and successful five or even six-figure author career! 

I have several coaching options available currently, and I always accept payment plans for every service I offer. 

To learn about my currently available coaching programs, my always transparent fees, and what you get when you hire me, schedule your FREE Author Career Breakthrough Session as early as today by clicking the button below now!

I’ve been a book editor for slightly longer than I’ve been an author career coach, having worked for publishers big and small, as well as literary agents. But my passion lies in helping my fellow indie authors turn their drafts into full-on book babies, which they can confidently launch! 

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