Teaching authors to stop waiting for someone else to make their writing dreams come true and giving them the confidence, resources, and tools they need to become their own Book Boss!

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My unique approach to author coaching will help you take one GIANT step closer to your dream career as a successful author!

Why I'm the Coach for You!

I bring to the table 12+ years of experience in publishing, as well as a 22-year background working in the corporate world. What sets my coaching apart from those other guys is my unique approach. I combine my two career backgrounds and show you how to approach self-publishing as you would any other small business. Because at the end of the day, being a career writer is no different than any other entrepreneurial pursuit! 

Why I'm the Editor for You!

Even before I began mentoring and coaching authors and helping them realize their dreams, I started by editing for freelance clients, as well as small and large publishers and literary agents. Like coaching, my approach to editing goes above and beyond. We don’t just fix mistakes and send your manuscript back with a bunch of redlining. We take the extra time (for no additional charge) to explain why edits were made and how to watch for them and fix them in future books. Even more, with content editing, we provide a separate 3-5 page memo addressing every crucial element of a well structured and developed book from characters to pacing to worldbuilding and so much more. Why do all the extra work? Because I believe a real, professional editor should aim not to just “fix issues,” but to help authors write and tell better stories!

I Need

Author Coaching

My unique style and method of author coaching will take you from wherever you are on your writing journey, through every crucial step, and all the way through to your successful book launch, all in 4 months or less! I teach a proprietary method of novel development and writing that you can use with this book and every future book you write so your career as an author blossoms with each launch!

I Neeed

Book Editing

My approach to book editing is also unparalleled. I don’t just “fix mistakes” like many editors. I take the extra time to explain the WHY behind my suggested changes and how you can correct those issues in future books. I also send each client a thorough, separate Memo detailing every content, structural, and developmental issue I find in your manuscript and teach you how to continuously improve your writing!


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