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The Best Products & Resources for Authors!

Here, you can find a ton of resources and tools which I’ve personally used (and even created) and swear by to help you on your author journey! 

The first ever fully comprehensive, luxury planner for authors walks you through every step of developing, writing, marketing, and publishing your book, and it comes with all the standard planner features you expect from one of those big name creators! To learn more and to pre-order your copy (and get $120 in savings and bonuses, plus FREE shipping) click the button below!

The ONLY guided journal for authors that helps you plan, develop, and outline your story idea and turn it into a complete plot so you can write your book with ease. I cover every single aspect of your story which needs to be developed, such as your characters, world/setting, and storyline in a succinct one-page tutorial, followed by 5 or 6 lined journal pages for your notes! Grab it now for only $16 and FREE shipping!

Other Amazing Products for Authors!

Wall-Mount Folding Desk!

Pomodoro Timer Hourglass!

Smart Reusable Notebook!

Retro Backlit Keyboard!

Rose Gold Smooth Ink Pen!

Desktop Dry Erase Board!

Typewriter Pen Holder Cup!

Popular Pink Fountain Pen!

Online Tools & Resources

Below are the tried and true author resources I have used myself and can promise will help you during each step of your writing journey. Check back regularly as I plan on updating frequently!

(PLEASE NOTE: I only recommend products I have used myself and love. Some of these listings contain affiliate links, which means, if you click on them, then buy from them, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you whatsoever.)

Masterclass offers incredibly insightful online writing courses by famous authors like Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, James Patterson, and others. But they also have an entirely free writing craft blog you can search for any storytelling and writing craft issues on which you need a refresher.

One of the best blogs for authors you’ll find! They cover topics from worldbuilding to show, don’t tell and more. But even more impressive, you can use to format your manuscript totally FREE, which saves you hundreds! Get a free account now and sign up for their newsletter!

This website is packed full of helpful information and guidance for indie authors! It has blogs, courses, and extensive lists of tools and resources to help you improve your writing. Start by reading this great article on “How to Write a Book,” by Founder/CEO Chandler Bolt!

While you  should never rely on any online editing program in lieu of professional HUMAN editing services, using one for your first draft revisions before sending to an editor is something I highly recommend. This is by far the most intelligent editing program and I absolutely approve it. TRY IT FOR FREE NOW! 

I cannot rave about this novel building platform too  much! It’s jam packed with helpful resources, but the absolute game changers include the character building, worldbuilding, and plotting tools that help you completely construct your kickass novel And it’s less than $10/month!


This hidden gem will be your go-to website when trying to dream up names for your characters. It features countless very specific name generator tools from fantasy to pennames to “it starts with letter Z” and even mermaids! Bookmark this page as I promise…you’ll use it often! Oh, and it’s totally free!

If you struggle to keep all of your amazing thoughts, ideas and research notes organized, this will prove your most valuable resource yet. With both free and premium plans, Evernote is an author’s best friend when it comes to brainstorming, planning and organizing your literary genius. 

Writing a children’s book? Graphic novel? Cookbook? Blurb has an amazing interface to help you create stunning visual layouts for your media-rich publications and the tools to help you publish, market and sell them online too. If images are important to your readers’ experience, Blurb is a must use resource.

While you should never use AI tools for writing your novel, I am all for using online tools to help you write online content like blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts. WriterZen is an amazing online tool that helps you create compelling content to help sell your books! 

The best link-in-bio tool by far, Beacons.ai lets you create a custom one-page profile that contains all of your important links. Now you can share all your information to your audience with just one clink. Use the link below to create yours for free

One of the most powerful marketing tools you have is your email list. Now, you can create amazingly functional email flows, landing pages, funnels and more with Mailerlite’s super simple creative system. 

If you want your book to turn over multiple sources of  income, BestSeller Ranking Pro is a must. This full-service publishing and marketing service helps you reach more readers and substantially increase your earning potential  by publishing your book through multiple mediums. 

BookBaby is the best option for indie authors who want to print, distribute, and sell their own books outside of Amazon or other distributors (or in addition to). You can even find cover designers and templates you need on this helpful site. Sign up now and get $300 off 300 books or more! 

Draft2Digital is an all-in-one resource for formatting, publishing & printing your book. The site even offers free access to promotional marketing tools to help you manage sales post-launch. 

Whether you strictly publish Ebooks or want to diversify your income by digitalizing your novel for readers, Smashwords is a FREE service that offers tools to help authors publish and market their books while simultaneously helping them distribute, track and increase their sales.  


Create and set up your LLC to protect your personal credit and assets and keep your book revenue separate from other income sources with Tailor Brands! They also help you select a domain, set up your email, create logos and swag, and so much more!