Teaching authors to successfully launch their books and their self-publishing careers.

Speaking Engagements & Media Appearances

I’ve been blessed with many amazing opportunities to speak to authors on platforms big and small. Being on stage comes naturally to me, and believe it or not, my first dream was to perform on Broadway. Acting, singing, and yes, sometimes dancing (believe it not) in local off-Broadway shows helped me get over my childhood fears and insecurities. And now, standing in front of hundreds of my fellow authors and speaking to them from a place of empathy and understanding seems like second nature to me. My goal, when speaking, whether it’s on a stage, at a workshop, or in a media appearance, is to connect with my audience, share with them anecdotal stories of my own experiences writing and publishing books, and make them feel understood, appreciated, and most importantly, informed. If I manage to throw in a wee bit of entertainment and can invoke the occasional soft chuckle from the crowd, then all the better for everyone. 

Speaking Topics

  • Author Mindset Issues (Motivation, Inspiration, Imposter Syndrome, Fears, Insecurities…)
  • Writing Craft Topics (Narrative Voice, Dialogue, Theme, Pacing, Show/Don’t Tell, Purple Prose…)
  • Storytelling Artforms (Planning & Developing, Characters, Worldbuilding, Plot and Storylines…)
  • Author Branding (Identifying Audience, Brand Building, Online Presence/Websites, Brand Identity…)
  • Pre-Launch Strategy (Social Media, Email Marketing, Publicity, Video Marketing, Research…)
  • Self-Publishing (Launch Planning, Print-on-Demand Platforms, Successful Release Weeks…)

Recent and Upcoming Appearances

Podcasts & Radio

Oh, My Health Podcast – (coming April 22, 2023) -Using Creative Writing to Inspire Hope in Yourself and Others

Rock the Stage Interview – Using the Media to Increase Book Sales & Exposure for Your Author Brand

Saturday Soundbites Interview – All About Self-Publishing a Successful Book

Casa deConfidence Podcast – Embrace Your Dream and Take Charge of Your Future!

Small Business Sisters Podcast – Novel writing, publishing, and using TikTok to gain new clients and readers 

Humans in Tune – Novel Writing, Inspiration, and Motivation to Write 

Evolvepreneur Podcast – How to Fast-Track Your Side-Hustle

Author Your Dream Podcast – How to Get Exposure for Your Book

Rebel Author Podcast (w/ Sacha Black)  – How to Write Suspense

Author Lifestyle Podcast (w/ Angela Ford) – Interview About Author Coaching

Magazines, Blogs, and TV

CanvasRebels Online Magazine – Featured Article: “Meet Christina Kaye”

BestHollisticLife.com – FEATURED INTERIVEW: Healing Trauma Through Creative Writing

AuthorityMagazine.com – The 5 Things You Need to Know to Become a Great Author

BookBrush.com – How to Build an Effective Author Brand 

WritersHelpingWriters.com – Choosing Your Story’s Genre

HouseOfHives.com – Quote on empowering yourself as an author in selfpublishing

BookBrush.com – Using Instagram Stories to Sell Your Books

AwareNow.com – Quote on Content Marketing (Tik Tok)

WritersDigest.com – How to Create Voice in Fiction

AuthorityMagazine.com  –Entrepreneurs Who Pivoted in Pandemic

Live, Write, Thrive – 10 Must-Read Modern Novels to Inspire Writers

ElizabethSpannCraig.com – How to Market Your Books in 4 Easy Steps

Enterprise League Magazine  – Number 3 of 100 Female Entrepreneurs in 2021

Jane Friedman – How to Write a Killer Villain

Helping Writers Become Authors – How to Write Legal Fiction

Write It Sideways – How to Add Voice to Fiction

News Channel 18 (NBC Affiliate) – featured local author interview

Pro Writing Aid – Are you a Plotter or Pantser (or Both)?

Well-Storied – How to Create a Satisfying Resolution for Your Story

Conferences & Speaking Engagements

Step Into Your Magic Summit – Keynote Speaker: Be the Boss of Your Author Career

Kentucky Book Fair (Keynote Speaker) – How to Develop Your Novel

Killer Nashville (Keynote Speaker & Panelist) – Writing Legal Fiction/Fiction in the Courtroom

Kentucky Book Fair (Featured Author) – Interview

Kentucky Writing Workshop (Keynote Speaker) – How to Include Voice in Your Novel

Imaginarium (Keynote Speaker) – How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript

Louisville Book Festival (Keynote Speaker) – Bringing Voice to Your Manuscript

Let's Chat!

If you would like me to speak at your event or appear on your podcast, blog, or media outlet, please CLICK HERE and reach out to my team. My schedule stays packed, and I typically need 2-3 months’ notice in advance, but I’m easy like Sunday morning, and we can likely figure it out