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The Absolute Best Novel Planning, Writing, and Scheduling Resource is Available Now!

Let me guess. As you read this blog post, you’re feeling a bit guilty because that little angel on your shoulder is poking you repeatedly, reminding you that you should be writing instead.

Or maybe you have intentionally taken a break from “all the things” because there’s just so much on your author to-do list. Not only do you have to at least try to stick to some kind of reasonable yet productive writing schedule, but then, there’s all the other things you have to accomplish just to make it to pub day, let alone have a successful launch. It’s harder than trying to keep a dozen plates spinning without dropping a single one. Impossible!

How do I know these things to be true? Because not only have I walked a mile in your shoes, but I still walk in them daily. Although I’ve been blessed enough to be able to mark a few things off my author bucket list, at the end of the day, I’m still an author. And just because I’m now an author coach/mentor doesn’t mean I suddenly don’t struggle with anything anymore when it comes to my author life.

In fact, to make matters more than slightly worse, I struggle with severe ADHD every moment of every day. So, things aren’t always as put-together and easy as they may seem in a Tik Tok video. Like this one.

(Just trying to break up the long narrative in this blog with some fun videos and images. Forgive me.)

But last year, I found myself looking for some sort of resource or tool I could not only use with my coaching clients to help them stay on track but also for my own writing business. And I was stunned to find out that what I was looking for basically did not exist.

And that’s when it hit me. That was the moment the idea for The Book Boss Author Planner was born. I couldn’t believe no one had ever really thought of creating something like this before, and so I decided, by God, it’s gonna be me!

I spent several weeks doing deep dive research online confirming my initial findings, which was that, aside from a few very poor attempts at “author planners,” the best anyone else had come up with was nothing more than a standard daily life planner with some inspiring writing quotes thrown in here and there. Then, I made it my business to learn everything I possibly could about planners and the planner universe because apparently, it’s an almost 5-billion-dollar industry! People love planners, and who needs a tool to keep them organized and manage all their tasks more than an author?


Originally, we planned on launching the spiral bound version and the digital version September 5, 2021. But as things usually go with these things, we hit some logistical snags with a couple suppliers, so now, the hard copy version will launch in early December (so stay tuned!).

But I have spent the past seven months building, creating, and designing this bad boy, so I wasn’t about to wait (or make you wait) that long. So, that’s why opened our first ever Etsy Shop, where you can now purchase the digital version of The Book Boss Author Planner (among other author resources, templates, tools, and gifts)!

You may have already seen me posting literally everywhere online about the planner release, but it’s so hard to fully explain what exactly this planner is all about, what it includes, and how totally amazed even I am by this thing in 60 second or less videos or static images with limited word count captions.

(And feel free to double-tap that post if you’re feeling so inclined.)

That’s why I decided to write this blog post, so that anyone who is interested in learning what it’s all about and exactly how it can absolutely help you improve your writing, write better stories, and even have a better, more successful launch than ever.

And yes, one little planner absolutely can do all that.

Here. Let me just show you.

The Book Boss Author Planner is mainly divided into 7 (and one bonus) sections. And in the digital version, you can easily navigate to your desired section with a tap of your stylus on the divider tabs at the top.

Here are those sections, what’s included in each, and I’ve even included sneak peek images just for you!


This section begins with advice on how to pick between or even how to come up with the best idea for your book! Whether you have no idea what you want to write or you have 5-6 ideas to choose from, I’ve included tips on how to narrow it down and how to know which story is the right story for you. I’ve even made the pages fillable and included notes pages so you can actually work within the planner to choose and develop your story idea.


The reason I included author branding right after brainstorming is that I truly believe, based on all my years of experience, trial and error, that it’s NEVER too early to build your author brand or to start your early marketing efforts. Even before you write the first word! In this section, I walk you through exactly how to build your unique brand, and what so many authors are doing dead wrong. I also begin scratching the surface of early marketing strategies you should start the minute you are certain you’re writing a book.


This section contains ALL the things you must do before you begin the writing process (and after you’ve learned all you can about the craft of writing, of course). I’ve included tutorials on developing your characters, building your world/setting, and even how to outline your plot effectively but in less time than it takes to write a full chapter! And, of course, there are fillable worksheets and notes pages so you can do your plotting and planning right inside the planner. Oh, and there are also character and worldbuilding vision boards!

Writing Schedule

This section helps you get geared up and ready to begin the writing process. I even share with you the exact method I have used with each and every one of my successful coaching clients to help them get unstuck, create a productive writing schedule, and stick to it so they meet their writing goals. One client even went from working on his novel for 7 YEARS to finishing it within our 3 month coaching program, all because of the tips I have given you in this section. But the really cool part is, you’ll be able to actually create, set up, and stick to that schedule in the very next section of the planner!

Calendar Pages & Checklists

This is where traditional planner lovers are going to get a kick out of this one. I’ve included yearly, monthly, and weekly calendar pages you can use to create your writing schedule, as well as add all the due dates and deadlines that were on the checklists in the previous section! For example, on the one-year out checklist, one task is to start building your website. You can then click forward to the yearly planner pages and create a “start website” date and a “finish website” date. But my absolute favorite parts are the goal tracker and weekly/monthly wordcount trackers!

BONUS: Resources

Finally, I have rounded everything off with a section where I list the absolute best tools and resources for authors from podcasts to YouTubers to how-to books and more. And I’ve personally used each and every one of these resources myself and/or with my clients, so they’re fully vetted and you can trust they truly are the best. I even threw in a page or two where you can track your online resources and your login credentials for each!

But wait! There's more!

Isn’t there always? Seriously, though. You should know that the digital Book Boss Author Planner comes standard with a User’s Guide, tons of digital stickers so you can personalize yours, and I even threw in 10 each of different genre book cover mockups so you can also make your planner cover specific to your story and even add your book’s title to the cover.

I’m giving you all this for only $19.97! I’m deadly serious!

But what’s even more amazing is that, for the first week the planner is available (now through September 5, 2021), I’ve listed it for only $14.97 for the whole planner package!

As I close this post, I want you to know that not only have I poured my heart and soul into this planner for the past seven months, but I have also opened up the doors to share with you all the valuable, helpful information, assistance, and advice I normally reserve exclusively for my coaching clients.

If you feel The Book Boss Author Planner could help you in any way, I’d love it if you would hop on over to our brand-new Etsy shop now, favorite our shop (for updates as we add new items daily), and grab your planner for 25% off the standard price now while you still can. I’ll even make it super easy for you. Here’s the link:

Finally, verified purchasers of The Book Boss Author Planner who leave a helpful (honest, of course) review on our planner listing page will receive a free gift via email within 3 days of leaving their review! And you’ll be entered into a grand prize giveaway contest (to be announced soon)!

Thanks for your support.

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