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The most popular Facebook post I’ve ever posted was earlier this year when I asked, “Why have you not worked with a professional editor (or why won’t you)?” 

That post was shared, liked, and commented on more than any post I’ve ever written in all my 10 or so years in this industry talking to the book community!

In my silly little brain, I considered it going “viral.” 

But what I learned from that post made a few things clear to me (and made me very sad at the same time).

There are 3 main reasons some authors won’t even consider working with an editor. 

I can’t afford an editor!

Now, I understand the affordability issue. No, editing is NOT cheap, unless you scrape the bottom of the barrel and find some low-rent, so-called “editor” who charges a few hundred dollars because they haven’t gained the experience, skills, or credibility to charge more than that. 

That’s why, when I first started Write Your Best Book, I was determined to make quality, professional editing as affordable as possible AND…we offer payment options to meet almost any author’s needs, even some who are on fixed incomes. 

I can edit my own books for free (after all, I’m a damn good writer)!

And I understand (to some degree) why some authors THINK they can edit themselves. Hell, I used to think the same thing. Besides, I have always been naturally gifted when it comes to creative writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling (won the city-wide 6th grade spelling bee!). 

And I try to keep that in mind when explaining to authors the cold, hard facts I learned when I tried to edit for myself. Our brains are just not wired to allow us to self-edit. We see what SHOULD be there instead of what is MISSING or WRONG. And, unless you’re specially trained or took coursers in editing (both line and content), no author can every catch all their own slip-ups. 

But the one reason I can’t seem to explain or convince authors they are wrong about is:

I can’t trust any professional editors with my hard-earned money and my book baby!

And I can’t blame any authors for being gun shy when it comes to hiring editors or coaches, which are a higher ticket price point. There are too many so-called “editors” out there who take forever finishing the edits, send back very few changes weeks and weeks later or, in some cases, never even send them back!

Let me tell you something.

I can’t change their minds about these wannabe/unprofessional editors. 

But what I can do is showcase some of the many positive reviews and testimonials we get all the time from clients I’ve been editing for over the course of 10 years to prove that, at least THIS editor IS trustworthy (and highly respected, too)!

From Some of Our Clients:

“I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and communicative project partner than Christina. She has a great eye for detail and always delivers feedback when promised. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.” 

– Jen Davis, The Cooper Construction Series (romantic suspense)

“Christina Kaye was a joy to work with on my last novel. Her professionalism is a breath of fresh air, and the turnaround time is fantastic. I will be using Christina Kaye and Write Your Best Book for all my needs going forward. A tremendous company!!” 

– Eldon Douglas, Author of Horde Protocol

“I used Write Your Best Book to proofread my novel recently and was very pleased with their services. Their price was reasonable and they had a fast turnaround. I also had them help me with a query letter and synopsis which helped immensely. I highly recommend their services! A+” 

– Sandie Will, Author

“Christina of Write Your Best Book was friendly, professional and always responded to my questions in a timely fashion. Heather Whitehead did a good job editing my manuscript. I would use their service again. A solid, no-nonsense job on a tight schedule!”

– Catherine Stine, Author

From Social Media

(Mind you, these are just a handful of the most recent reviews we’ve received and by no means ALL of them.)

If you’re seeking an editor you know, like, and can trust, email us now for a FREE sample edit and quote at Someone will respond ASAP!

Or, if you’re seeking an author coach, email us at and ask for your FREE one-on-one Discovery Call with Christina Kaye!


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